Wound Policy

If an animal is wounded, the hunt may be considered complete; based on the guide's discretion. Every effort will be made to retrieve the animal. Proper shot placement will be reviewed prior to hunting.

Hunters who choose to fly will land in Winnipeg, Canada and rent a vehicle. You will then drive approximately 3 hours Northwest to our location where you will be met by the outfitter. Hunters will stay in a cabin where breakfast items will be provided for hunters to eat at their leisure. A full dinner will be provided early afternoon, prior to the hunt and then lunch served in the evening following the hunt.  Hunters will have the opportunity to accompany the outfitter and check bear baits prior to the afternoon hunt if desired.


$875 deposit required at time of booking. $875 required Jan 1st of hunt year. Remainder due upon arrival.

Manitoba Bear Hunt

Most bear hunts are located on private land North and East of Riding Mountain National Park. You will be hunting out of 10-16' high ladder stands placed within 30 yards of the bait. Stands will be placed accordingly to accomodate an archery or rifle hunt. Ground blinds are available if climbing a ladder stand presents an obstacle. Hunters will be transported directly to the stands by 4 x4 pickup or ATV.

North Mountain Adventures offers Black bear hunts in a trophy rich area of Manitoba. Most of these bears have rarely seen a human allowing them to reach maturity and trophy quality.

The lush forests, agricultural fields and good supply of big game provide plenty of feed for the bears making this an ideal habitat.


$3500 USD Includes:

  • 5 day spring or fall hunt

  • hunting license

  • cabin lodging & home cooked meals

  • Professional guiding

  • Skinning & Freezing for trip

  • Arrangements with a taxidermist if desired 

      Recommended Gear List:

  • Bow, rifle or muzzleloader

  • Layered clothing to accommodate various weather conditions

  • Hunting boots, rubber boots

  • Seat Cushion

  • Thermacell or mesh jacket/headnet

  • Orange vest & hat for fall hunts

  • Tree Stand Safety Harness/Belt

  • Camera/ Video Camera

  • Flashlight

Season Dates

                         2019 - SOLD OUT               

                     Spring opens April 29                                          Fall opens August 26


                        2020 - SOLD OUT

                     Spring opens April 27

                     Fall opens August 31


                      Spring opens April 26

                      Fall opens August 20