The area that we hunt is just North & East of Riding Mountain National Park. This area of Manitoba is well known for producing some of the largest bears on record and for its high percentage of color phase bears, ranging from blonde to cinnamon to chocolate.

Our mission is to do everything possible to make sure everyone has the best possible chance at harvesting a trophy animal and have fun  while doing it!

Craig MacCarthy has spent his entire life hunting and fishing in this area and has an extensive knowledge of the terrain and the animals. Craig is also an avid bow hunter himself so he knows what it takes to get close and remain undetected.

Trophy Bear Hunts
Join us for an Unforgettable Adventure!

North Mountain Adventures Guiding & Outfitting is a family owned and operated full service Outfitter offering Manitoba Black Bear hunts.  Owner and main guide, Craig MacCarthy has been a guide for many years and has enjoyed guiding for other outfitters in both Manitoba and British Columbia. He began as a teenager helping with his parent's outfitting business then  decided to embark on his own outfitting  adventure in 2014 with his wife Melanie!